A Global team

A dynamic fusion of global talent set to revolutionize the industry.

KAYAN team is a formidable force of seasoned professionals from renowned commodity and shipping institutions, including multinationals, heavy industries such as Cement and Steel, as well as banking institutions.

We also have expertise from commodity producers. Our team's extensive expertise and diverse backgrounds form a unique skill set that sets us apart.

With a deep understanding of market dynamics, we provide invaluable insights and industry proficiency. Through our collective talents, we consistently achieve unmatched results in the world of commodities.


At Kayan, we have an experienced leadership team comprising marketing, trading, risk management, operations, finance, and investment professionals strategically located worldwide.

Training and Development

With top-notch continuous training and development, we uphold the highest standards of integrity in our work.

Business practice

We continuously refine our business practices by assisting clients in innovative transformations, fostering constant evolution within our organization.


Through strategic partnerships with specialists and experts in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, we ensure efficient and seamless operations in commodity markets.


Our collaborative approach, leveraging diverse and innovative teams, enables us to adopt a dynamic and streamlined problem-solving methodology.


This allows us to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to producers and consumers, meeting their unique needs in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Our leaders

Our leadership possesses extensive international experience in strategically investing, trading, and marketing global commodities.

Nezar Shneshen

Chief Excutive Officer

Hatem Elgamal