At KAYAN, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable future and make sure to preserve the well-being and integrity of the communities we work in. Our commitment to this ideal is reinforced by a rigorous sustainability framework that informs every aspect of our day-to-day practice. KAYAN’s business dealings are always anchored by a series of ethical considerations that shape our goals, priorities, and targets. This sustainability framework allows KAYAN to meet our legal obligations, skillfully manage industry-related risks, and fulfill our social duties.

Our sustainability framework is carefully implemented and supervised by our sustainability team. Their work is guided by thoughtful interventions from our senior leaders who demonstrate a skillful ability to fuse practical considerations with our responsibilities and commitments, forming a holistic and enduring sustainability framework. Our team oversees the execution of sustainability initiatives across all divisions and facets of our work, ensuring a dynamic fusion between long-term growth and the communities of which we are a part.

Corporate Governance:

Exemplifying Responsibility and Integrity

We conduct our business responsibly, ethically, and with unwavering integrity, with a steadfast focus on delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our commitment to corporate governance is guided by the following principles:

Maintaining a comprehensive and robust framework for risk management to protect our employees and clients, encompassing all aspects of our operations.

Ensuring compliance with international laws and regulations through diligent enforcement of policies and procedures, which are continuously reviewed and updated.

Providing extensive development to all employees and facilitating regular communication to ensure a deep understanding and adherence to our obligations and sustainability requirements.

Application of Policy

Nurturing Long-Term Value

This policy and its principles are applicable to all Employees, Departments, and Functions within our company and its Subsidiaries. By embracing our approach to environmental stewardship and sustainability. We aim to generate enduring value for our employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate and reside.